Seven Things Never To Do When Pressure Washing Your Home

Over time, exposure to natural elements will wear down the outside of your property, causing dust, dirt, and grime to gather. Of course, any reasonable property owner would look for a way to restore their curb appeal.

Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing can help with pressure and power washing in Fairfield, CT, for a thorough and safe cleaning. However, if you decide to DIY your power washing service, here are seven things you should avoid doing.

Why You Should Follow This Advice

Our team has worked on exterior home beautification for many years, so we’ve gathered lots of practical knowledge for you to utilize. We consistently produce results that exceed expectations and last for a long time.

As much as professional work could ease your troubles, we understand wanting to work on your own. If what we say helps you safely pressure wash your property, then we’ve done our job a different way.

Top Seven Pressure Washing Actions To Avoid

While there are more than seven avoidable actions while pressure or power washing in Fairfield, CT, this list summarizes a few pertinent points.

#1. Using the Wrong Tool

Pressure washers and power washers are two different tools, despite their similarities. Power washers turn hot water into steam for cleaning, which can damage certain surfaces. Instead of using them on the entire property, look for a pressure washer.

#2. Not Wearing Protective Gear

Any substance under pressure could cause injuries, even water. Invest money in durable gloves, eye protection, and other protective gear for using potentially dangerous tools.

#3. Using Too Much Pressure

Excessive pressure per square inch (PSI) could be too much for outdoor surfaces. This mistake could strip them of paint, cause them to detach from the property, and more. Always start at the lowest setting to get a handle on the machine.

#4. Only Using Water

Water itself won’t keep mold and mildew development away. Instead, mix the water with a biodegradable cleaning solution to effectively clean your property.

#5. Using Gas-Powered Pressure Washers Indoors

If you clean the floor inside your garage, make sure you use an electric version. The gas-powered tool produces more PSI and can release carbon monoxide, which would be dangerous to breathe in an enclosed space.

#6. Focusing On Corners

Don’t spray pressure or power washers in corners since the water splashes back at you. The high pressure could cause injuries, so remember to focus more on flat surfaces.

#7. Spraying Against Connection Spots

Spraying up toward surface connections, like siding slots or asphalt shingles, could cause them to detach. The water could also collect under those spaces, leading to hidden mold and mildew development. Instead, spray the water toward the hanging ends not secured to the property.

Rely on Professional Property Cleaners in Fairfield

Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing complete top-quality pressure and power washing in Fairfield, CT, and surrounding areas. We want you to have a clean property without sacrificing your energy, time, or health. For detailed solutions to dirty building exteriors, call (203) 428-7019 for a free service estimate today.

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