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Solar Panel Cleaning

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Dirty solar panels don’t work effectively and efficiently. Failing to keep your panels clean can cause up to a 25% loss of solar energy. Airborne dirt, bird droppings, debris, grime, dust, and leaves can build up on your solar panels across the seasons of the year, rendering them inefficient and unappealing.

If you continue to use your solar panels in their grimy condition, you will end up losing the solar energy you’ve invested in. You also risk experiencing reduced solar panel efficiency when it comes to generating power or electricity.

How to get them clean? Instead of trying to wash them yourself with a garden hose and soapy water, trust your solar investment to the professionals.

Our team at Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing offers top-quality solar panel cleaning services to residences in and around Fairfield, CT. We use state-of-the-art power-washing equipment with adjustable pressure settings for the delicate panels. We also use industry-leading cleaning solutions and materials for solar panel cleaning.

With industry expertise and several years of experience in cleaning solar panels, we can ensure that your solar panels will soon work at optimal efficiency. Contact us for a free quote today.

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of Solar Panels

Keeping your solar panels clean ensures that they will operate effectively at maximum efficiency and the highest capacity. Dirt or debris buildup on the panels reduces the amount and the quality of the solar rays that reach the solar panels during the day—reducing operational efficiency and causing a net solar energy loss.

At Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing, we offer regular solar cleaning services to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your panels.

Why Use Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services?

DIY solar panel cleaning using household cleaning solutions can cause damage to your panels.

Professional power washers offer the following advantages.


Dirt, debris, and leaves that often build up on solar panels can result in “hot spots,” among other problems. These issues can disqualify you from the warranty that came with the purchase of your solar panels.

Professional cleaning services use industry-approved cleaning equipment and solutions that will not cause damage to your panels, protecting your warranty.


Solar panel cleaning involves roof climbing. You must use a proper harness, staging, and support to ensure your safety while on the roof. With the risk of falling or getting electrocuted, trust the professional solar cleaning services instead.

At Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing, we have the equipment, personnel, and safety gear necessary to clean your solar panels safely.


When cleaning or clearing solar panels, they can easily get damaged. At Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing, our team has the expertise to protect your panels.

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Let our professional washers clean your solar panels for optimal cleanliness, safety, and efficiency. Contact us at Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing at (203) 428-7019 for a free quote for professional solar panel cleaning in Fairfield, CT.

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