How to Safely Remove Algae From Your Roof

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Have you looked at your roof recently and noticed some unfortunate discolorations and dark or greenish staining? The unsightly colors are a substance that can age your building, decreasing its curb appeal and causing roof damage over time. A few cleaning solutions exist for you to fend off the algae growth.

Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing send out expert roof cleaners who use pressure washers for safe and effective work. You can always hire professionals for thorough roof cleaning, but perhaps you want to DIY. If you would prefer to do it yourself, remember these important facts so you can clean the roof efficiently.

Why Is Algae Growing On My Roof?

The rather unsightly blackish-green stains and streaks are a type of cyanobacteria scientifically called Gloeocapsa magma. Although it’s a type of bacteria, we commonly refer to it as algae because of its color.

In the 1990s, humidity levels increased in the southeastern United States. At the same time, manufacturers changed the composition of shingles to include limestone, which this algae feeds on. These two circumstances combined to create the perfect environment for rooftop algae growth.

This bacteria causes roof damage by feeding on the shingles and weakening the roofing material. Water then seeps into the building, which can lead to mold development and other property issues. Roof cleaning helps prevent the spread of algae and can find weakened spots in the roof.

How You Should Clean Algae

Some home or business owners might disguise the algae growth with dark shingles laced with copper granules. The copper helps kill the algae, but this method only works if you need a roof replacement.

The most common method includes mixing 50% water and 50% bleach to kill the algae. We don’t recommend using pressure washers because the roof weakened over time, and you could damage more shingles. You can wash the roofing materials with the solution using softer spraying tools.

However, you must watch out for plants and ensure you have a proper drainage system so the bleach mixture doesn’t enter the environment. Plants could die from bleach exposure, and you could pollute local water sources without wastewater disposal. Improper water removal could lead to fines from the EPA and local government authorities.

As such, while DIY cleaning solutions are viable options, we don’t suggest cleaning your roof on your own.

The Benefits of Hiring a Roof Cleaner

You take fewer risks when you hire a licensed and insured professional to clean your roof. For example, instead of possibly endangering your own health, we have safety equipment to keep us secure. We also have many cleaning tools and chemicals that find the crevices where algae build up and spread.

Castle Window Cleaning & Power Washing has everything you need for an effective roof cleaning service. Our team safely disposes of wastewater, keeps the environment and ourselves safe, and works quickly. If you want a clean roof, call (203) 428-7019 for a free quote today.

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