How To Clean a Roof Like a Pro

Cleaning roofs is a chore best left to professionals. Your home’s roof is one of the first things people see when visiting, so roof cleaning in Fairfield, CT, is necessary for boosting your property’s curb appeal. Regular roof washing can eliminate unsightly black streaks, moss, dirt, algae, and other contaminants that could weaken your roofing system.

Here, our Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing team discuss the best ways to clean roofs like a professional.

When To Schedule Roof Cleaning Services

Ideally, you should clean your roof at least once annually. The service will help you detect early signs of wear and damage, allowing you the chance to fix problems during their earliest stages.

Common problems like roof leaks can cost thousands of dollars to fix, not including moisture damage a leaky roof can cause to the property interior. By scheduling expert roof cleaning in Fairfield, CT, you can help preserve your roof’s structural integrity and your home’s exterior beauty.

Top 3 Roof Washing Steps

Roof washing companies throughout Fairfield have various processes for cleaning residential and commercial rooftops to help them look their best. However, the following guide includes the basic steps most qualified contractors follow for washing roofs without damaging them.

1. Prepare the Roof

Technicians who care about their customers’ roofs usually use soft washing. Soft washing techniques use low water pressure and several chemicals like bleach, algaecides, and surfactants to strip contaminants from roofs without damaging their materials.

Preparing a roof for cleaning requires several tools and materials, such as a ladder, hoses with low-pressure nozzles, and eco-friendly cleaners. Once the materials are ready, a technician will connect the hose to a water source and move any patio furniture, pants, or potted plants out of their working path. When the technician is ready to clean the roof, they will spray the structure’s highest point and work their way down.

2. Clean the Roof

To properly soft wash a roof, a technician will apply the chemical cleanser to the roofing’s surface from left to right while ensuring complete saturation. Dark streaks will vanish almost immediately. Moss and algae will eventually fall as their roots break away from the roof. When the technician finishes treating one roof area, they will use a ladder to access another side and repeat the process.

3. Inspect and Cleanup the Worksite

After the roof washing crew finishes treating your roof, the technicians will climb down using a ladder and return all their equipment to the truck. They will put all shifted items back in their original spots. Finally, a team member will walk around the house to ensure thorough cleaning and provide you with a detailed explanation of their roof washing method.

Contact the Fairfield’s Professional Roof Washing Contractor

Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing offers world-class roof cleaning in Fairfield, CT. We can soft wash roofing materials with cleaning solutions to preserve the roofing system while removing dirt, grime, algae, and other debris. Call (203) 816-6462 to request a free roof washing estimate with our team.

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