How Long Does It Take To Power Wash a House?

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Power washing is one of the safest and most effective ways to remove unsightly dirt, algae, and grime from your home’s exterior. Pressurized water and cleaning solutions can easily strip your house of unwanted grime, but you might wonder precisely how quickly the process works.

In the guide below, our cleaning specialists at Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing explain the contributing factors of a residential power washing timeline.

Factors That Affect How Long It Takes To Power Wash Your Home’s Exterior

No two properties are identical. For most properties, power washing can take one to three hours or more, depending on the exact needs and condition of the house.

Because power washing involves highly pressurized water and cleaning chemicals to blast away tough dirt and grime, you shouldn’t rush the cleaning process. Misuse of pressurized water and chemicals can cause injuries and property damage. However, you can better understand how long it would take to clean your house’s exterior by understanding the factors that impact the project’s timeline.

The Home’s Siding Materials

Low-maintenance siding materials like vinyl, brick, and fiber cement are relatively quick to clean. Those materials are durable enough to withstand the power washing process. However, the pressure from the power washing equipment can damage delicate materials like painted surfaces and wood siding, so those siding options would require more time and care to clean.

How Often You Schedule Power Washing Services

If you schedule power washing services for your home frequently, the appointments likely won’t take long. With frequent cleanings, the house has fewer opportunities to collect substantial dirt and grime. It’s easier to clean a property that isn’t excessively dirty.

House Size

One of the biggest facts of a power washing job is the size of the house. It would take longer to clean a 4,000-square-foot home than it would to clean one with 2,000 square feet.

Not only would the power washing company’s team need more time to clean a large house from top to bottom. Large-size homes also tend to require more attention due to their many hard-to-reach places.

Amount of Dirt and Grime on the Residence

If you don’t clean your home exterior often, it could have a thick layer of dirt, grime, algae, and other debris that would be tough to remove quickly. It’s common for power washing services to require extra time to remove grime buildup to ensure the property looks its best from every angle.

Contact the Best Power Washing Company In The Area

Though power washing companies must consider several factors when determining how long it could take to clean a home exterior, rest assured our team can complete the job quickly and on time. Castle Window Cleaning & Power Washing knows how to assess every client’s home and promptly provide the best solutions to clean all surfaces thoroughly to improve the property’s curb appeal.

Call us at (203) 428-7019 to schedule a free estimate on power washing services from the professionals of Castle Window Cleaning & Power Washing.

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