Reasons To Clean Your Roof Instead of Replacing It

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Your roof is a crucial part of your home. It keeps you and your family insulated and out of the elements. New roofs are expensive. Due to the high cost, many homeowners either don’t want to invest in a new roof or don’t have the means to do it. Fortunately, a roof cleaning session can often be all a roof needs.

While roof repairs and replacements are often inevitable, professional roof cleaning companies can provide pressure washer cleaning solutions that reinvigorate your roof and help it last longer.

Castle Window Cleaning & Power Washing is here to explain everything you need to know about cleaning roofs as an alternative to roof replacement.

1. You Can Avoid Early Roof Replacement with Power Washing

Upkeep and maintenance is the best way to increase the longevity of your roof. Effective roof cleaning services keep your roof in good condition for as long as possible.

Roofs get exceptional benefits from a cleaning service as they are hotbeds for mold, moss, and algae. These growths will start damaging your roof, making it less effective and decreasing the lifespan of the roof if allowed to fester. A professional roof cleaning expert will negate these issues and keep your roof in the best possible condition for longer.

2. Your Warranty May Require Cleaning

You may not realize it, but your roof’s warranty may require upkeep to keep your roof covered. Without an annual roof cleaning, your insurance may not cover the costs of a roof replacement.

Not only will a roof cleaning help prevent damage to your roof, but depending on your warranty, it could also significantly reduce the cost of a repair when you need it,

3. Increase Curb Appeal with a Clean Roof

A professional roof cleaning can bring out the original look and colors of a home’s roof. If you’ve noticed black streaks on your roof that a garden hose wasn’t able to clear off, leave it to a roof cleaning professional.

High-pressure power washing is a very effective cleaning method for a hard metal roof, but it would risk damaging a more fragile roof like one made from asphalt tiles. With soft washing, professionals use cleaning products and a gentle stream of water to clean your roof.

4. Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

As algae, moss, and stains set into a roof, it becomes less effective as an insulator. Soft washing or power washing can remove these impurities and make your roof more energy efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.

Why Work With a Professional Power Washing Service Provider?

When you contract a professional power washing service company, you’re getting the best for your roof and minimizing the need for extensive repairs or roof replacement later. With Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing providing excellent roof cleaning services, there’s no need to risk getting on the roof with a power washer.

Call our team of roof cleaning experts today at (203) 428-7019 to give your roof the professional cleaning service that it needs.

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