How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home

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If you’re looking for professional and efficient power washing, our team at Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing delivers exceptional results according to the needs of any property.

Pressure washing is one of the most efficient and versatile cleaning methods for your home or business. Hiring a power washing company can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons, from promoting curb appeal to eliminating mold and dirt buildup. While most homeowners may be aware of the importance of regular maintenance, it can be confusing to understand when you should power wash your home and how often.

If you’ve been considering power washing services for a while but don’t have much information on when you should, our page will help you determine the best time to schedule a power wash service for your property.

4 Times You Should Power Wash Your Home

Whether you’re new to power washing or would like to learn more about optimal times for power washing, here are four times you should power wash your home.

Annual Maintenance

Regardless of your location or property type, annual maintenance is essential for keeping a high standard of cleanliness and safety. However, the frequency of scheduling this type of cleaning service will depend on your location. Some areas will have dirtier air or rougher weather conditions, requiring more frequent pressure washing.

Preparation for Exterior Projects

If you’ve been considering a home renovation project like painting or new doors and windows, this is a great time to schedule a power washing service with your local pressure washing company. This will provide a clean and better foundation for the workers to begin their work. If you want to repaint your exterior, pressure washing beforehand can help make the paint last longer and reduce the chances of cracking or chipping.

Before You Sell Your Home

Pressure washing will freshen up the appearance of your home and boost curb appeal if you’re about to put your house on the market. Pressure washing can uniquely remove dirt from even tough-to-reach places, making it a powerful and effective method for cleaning.

After Construction or Intense Weather Conditions

Construction projects, as well as storms and intense weather conditions, can result in a buildup of dirt and debris on the exterior of your home. After these events have passed, you should consider scheduling a power or soft washing service to get your home feeling brand new again.

Professional Power Washing Experts

At Castle Window Cleaning & Power Washing, we are committed to providing top-quality power washing services that’ll leave your home in pristine condition. From our customer service to our unique cleaning solutions, our team takes the extra step to deliver exceptional results for every project, big or small.

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