Why You Should Leave Roof Cleaning to the Professionals

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At Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing, whenever we hear about accidents associated with DIY roof cleaning in Fairfield, CT, our technicians cannot help but analyze how avoidable they are. Professional roof cleaning services have become so accessible and cost-efficient that there is no viable reason to perform gutter cleaning and shingle stain removal without expert help. Make the most of your free time and leave the roof cleaning to the professionals.

In this explainer, our technicians will outline why hiring a roof washing service is more cost-efficient than cleaning your roofs alone. We love the can-do attitude of the people in Fairfield, and our technicians got their start as DIY cleaners doing favors for their neighbors and family members. However, structured training and professional experience will always beat DIY expertise for three reasons outlined below.

Professional Cleaners are Licensed and Insured

Before earning a license as a hygiene technician, a newbie must receive technical education and undergo years of professional shadowing and training. Roof cleaning might look easy, but companies are responsible for the well-being of your home. If we shatter shingles, heavy snow and rainfall might damage your insulation and HVAC fixtures and lead to thousands of dollars in repair expenses.

The point of hiring professionals to perform a shingle wash, roof cleaning, and maintenance is to avoid roof repairs down the line. If we damage a skylight, scuff your gutters, or clog your downspouts while doing our jobs, you can rest assured that we will repair and replace any damaged component at no extra cost.

DIY Roof Cleaning is Dangerous

DIY roof cleaning in Fairfield, CT, is responsible for sending many residents, employees, and even business owners to the hospital. According to the CDC, over 500,000 people obtain ladder-related injuries annually, and over 300 die. Stop yourself from becoming a part of this statistic by delegating your roof cleaning duties to trained professionals.

Our hygiene technicians at Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing are experts in using truck-loaded equipment, adjustable ladders, and telescopic cleaning instruments to sanitize your roof while minimizing health risks. We also use eco-friendly cleaners that are safe for plants and animals while acting as a fungicide and antimicrobial solution.

Professionals Can Help You Detect Problems with Your Shingle Roof

Before starting the sanitation process, our technicians will conduct an on-site inspection of your roof that will allow us to detect underlying problems that cleaning agents and instruments might exacerbate. This process lets our customers diagnose busted features like broken downspouts, shattered shingles, and cracked skylights early, saving them thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Our on-site inspections also help us provide you with an accurate quote with no hidden charges.

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If you plan to conduct a DIY roof cleaning in Fairfield, CT, call Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing at (203) 428-7019, and see how we can save you time and money. We will give you a free initial consultation.

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