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Algae, mold, mildew, dust, and other contaminants can build up on your home or business over time, leaving it looking bad. The harmful agents can also damage your property and endanger your health, which is why you may need professional power washing in Stamford, CT.

At Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing, we provide both residential and commercial cleaning services.

Our pressure washing services will keep your property clean and appealing. Our five-star customer reviews attest that we deliver exceptional cleaning results.

Pressure Washing Stamford CT

Power Washing in Stamford, CT: Our Residential Services

House Washing

We offer regular cleaning of your building exterior to remove harsh agents and contaminants. 

Roof Cleaning

Hiring our cleaning professionals at Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing can improve your property value, enhance your curb appeal, and solve your roof issues.

Window Cleaning

Debris, dirt, dust, pollen, leaves, fingerprint smears, and smudges build up over time on windows. We’ll clean your windows to create the right ambience and save you time and labor.

Gutter Cleaning

Water overflow can damage the foundation of your home. Our gutter cleaning services ensure that your gutters will be efficient in channeling water.

Driveway Cleaning

We take care of driveways to prevent long-term damage from solvents and other pollutants. We remove stubborn stains on your driveway, including power steering fluid, grease, oil, and battery acid. 

Fence Cleaning

Fence cleaning improves the appeal and aesthetic value of your fence, the gateway to your property. 

Deck and Patio Cleaning

We’ll clean your deck and patio to remove tough stains and improve your home’s curb appeal. 

Pool Deck Cleaning

Pool deck cleaning ensures that your outdoor area is sparkling clean and looks its best. We also improve the hygiene of your outdoor space for good health and also to remove possible slipping hazards.

Rust Removal

At Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing, we use effective solutions and equipment to remove rust without damaging your property.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer professional cleaning services to improve the efficiency of your panels and ensure their durability.

Power Washing in Stamford, CT: Our Commercial Services

Building Washing

Our Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing crew will remove all harmful agents from the exterior of your property to improve its image.

Storefront Cleaning

Our team will clean sidewalks, steps, parking lots, and other outdoor spaces to improve the image and value of your business property.

Drive-Through Cleaning

Our drive-thru cleaning experts remove even the toughest stains, including grease and oil, from your customer drive-through area. 

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning

We’ll remove contaminants that build up over time in parking lots and garages, leaving your property clean and attractive.

Apartment Complex Pressure Washing

At Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing, we ensure that your apartment residents get value for their investment.

Graffiti Removal

Our team can effectively remove the paints and ink of graffiti to prolong the lifespan of your property while increasing its value.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

We use the same cleaning techniques that we use for patios, concrete, or paved areas to clean dumpster pads. 

Gum Removal

We offer gum removal services for patios, entryways, driveways, and sidewalks to improve the look of your property.

Awning Cleaning

With our cleaning services, we’ll keep the awnings of your business in good shape while eliminating buildup of debris, bacteria, and bad odors.

Gas Station Cleaning

Our Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing team will remove grease, oil, and other types of grime from gas stations to improve customer and employee satisfaction and lure more customers to your business.

Fleet Washing

We offer regular fleet washing services that involve removing corrosive agents such as oil and salt from the undercarriage or exterior paint of your vehicle.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Our cleaners will quickly clear your construction site of dirt and debris to protect you from likely injury and property damage.

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At Castle Window Cleaning and Power Washing, we are a leading professional power washing company in Stamford, CT—licensed and insured to offer high quality cleaning services. We boast

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